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CAI Engage

A public comment tool where the community helps city and county planners identify local assets and challenges

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The map comment tool will help the government of Mason County harness public feedback in planning efforts.
We hope to make better decisions about infrastructure spending and development in the community with your help.


Tell us what challenges we should address as a community in the next year


What assets in the community solidfy our identity and are important places we need to protect and promote?


Get creative, what do you want to see for the future of Mason County?

Under Utilized Areas

Do you know of underutilized lands that need to be developed to better serve the community?


We need your feedback to shape how the community should grow CAI Comment


The best feedback we recieve happens when the public has transparent and easy access to the plans involving the community.
Below are links to the planning documents and comprehensive plans that have already been adopted by Mason County.

Economic Vitality Index, 2016 Mason County

The EVI provides an annual snapshot of local economic conditions, and a multi-year trend analysis for selected industry sector activity, residential housing, labor and income, and local businesses.


Mason County Comprehensive Plan, Ch.10 Economic Development Element

The purpose of this chapter of the Comprehensive Plan, the Economic Development Element, is to identify and explain what the county will do to encourage and support economic development.


Coming Soon

Community Attributes Inc. will be compiling a report to summarize feedback from community engagement channels – both the web-based tool seen here and in-person interviews. Direct input from Mason county communities is critical to providing the context, key insights, and strategies that will form the core of the economic development effort.


Would you like more information about the results from the comment tool? Email us and we can follow up with additional information.

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